Classic Auto Glass Innovations
                                    Flush Mount Glass

Classic Auto Glass Innovations  (Flush Mount Glass System)

We are a new company with an innovative product. Our Flush Mount Glass system for the classic General Motors vehicles will bring your classic car a new and updated look. We are excited to offer a quality product that does not need any alterations to your classic car. With our complete kit, you can have a new look for you Classic General Motors vehicle in a matter of hours, with no body mods, touch-ups, paint work, cutting, etc.

Our Flush Mount Glass Product comes with everything necessary to complete the task. We have gone the extra mile to ensure you have a very customer friendly product no matter what your experience level is.  We have also included everything you would need including urethanes, cleaners, basic tools and necessaries.

The quality of this product meets or exceeds your factory glass. It is DOT Safety rated and tested. The windshield is a Laminated safety glass, and the Rear glass is a Tempered safety glass. The windshield has a Integrated Antenna option, and the rear glass has 3 different tint options ( Clear, Green, or Smoke).

car Our products are great for the everyday driver or the Show Car

car Our products set your vehicle apart from all the others at the local cars shows.

car We have a money back guarantee for any fit issues that may be unavoidable, due to body integrity.

What Classic Auto Glass Innovations Offers their Customers

Classic Auto Glass Innovations is striving hard to offer a stylish and easy to use product. We go through extensive research and development to ensure that our products are of the best quality and easy to use. We also respect the fact that we are dealing with classic and treasured vehicles, so we believe in no body alterations. All our products require absolutely no body alteration, so any vehicle can go back to factory in a matter of hours.

At Classic Auto Glass Innovations, we understand that Classic cars are a major investment financially and emotionally. If it wasn't for the love and financial commitment to these classics, they would have been long since gone. So we will make whatever commitment necessary to our customers , in order to ensure their Classics are getting a quality and stylish product.